Apprenticeships at The Big Table Group

Enhance your skills, expand your knowledge, grow your development, advance your career.

There is no greater time to be a part of our team! At The Big Table Group, we offer a large range of apprenticeships, with a suitable program available for every level, from Kitchen Assistant to Company Director. Our Apprenticeship Programs are great for those who thrive on developing and learning new skills while still receiving a wage for the job.

This is an incredible opportunity to gain a fully funded industry-recognised qualification that will enable you to reach your potential and progress your career via a clear path and industry-leading training programs.

"An Apprenticeship allows people to gain enhanced skills and knowledge, and a recognised qualification whilst continuing to earn their normal wages."

Leadership Academy Plus+

The most important element to our success is our amazing teams. We are focused on attracting, developing, retaining and motivating the best talent in the sector. That’s why we’ve developed the Leadership Academy Plus+ in partnership with hospitality experts Remit Training. Through the Academy, you will gain a wealth of experience and knowledge to support you in your next career move.

It's an industry-leading enhanced academy formula, combining our fantastic internal talent programs like “Stepping Up” to management, “Emerging Leaders” and “Future Leaders” with the Apprenticeship Programs L2, L3 and L4. This option aims to provide a structured progressive approach to your learning, uplifting your skills above industry standards while achieving an industry-recognised qualification.

The Leadership Academy Plus+ programmes offer a clear career pathway for any member of our teams to progress to management and beyond. We also have higher level apprenticeships to enable progression to Operations Manager, Support Office roles and Operations Director.

Example Programmes

Front of House Hospitality Team Member

The Level 2 will give you a great understanding of your front of house role in a restaurant. You will develop knowledge in customer communication, service standards, supporting a team and increase your hospitality skills.

Hospitality Supervisor

You are now running shifts, and leading people. The Level 3 will help increase business knowledge and improve skills in motivation, training and developing others whilst developing your management style.

Back of House Hospitality Team Member

The programme helps to give you a strong grounding into the role of a chef. Start with learning food safety, cooking, prep and kitchen organisation, and then develop skills in leading other chefs and running a kitchen shift.

Senior Production Chef

The programme helps to give you a strong grounding into the role of a chef. Start with learning food safety, cooking, prep and kitchen organisation, and then develop skills in leading other chefs and running a kitchen shift.

Hospitality Manager

Level 4 will support you with the skills and knowledge to take that step into General Management. You will be fully responsible for all controls with the restaurant, including financial, local reputation building and development of a team.

Operations Manager

An Operations Manager manages teams and projects, achieving operational goals and objectives, as part of the delivery of the organisation's strategy. The Level 5 will equip you with the right knowledge and skills.

All Available Qualifications

L2 FOH Hospitality Team Member | L2 BOH Hospitality Team Member | L3 Hospitality Supervisor | L3 Senior Production Chef | L4 Hospitality Manager | L5 Operations Manager | L3 Learning Mentor | L5 Coaching Professional | L3 Marketing Assistant | L4 Marketing Executive | L6 Marketing Manager | L3, L5 & L7 Human Resources CIPD | L3, L5 & L7 Learning & Development CIPD

Info for Parents

As a parent, you want your child to get the best possible start in their career. There are many options available to young people after they leave school, and a strong choice would be an apprenticeship which is a key route into a successful career.

What's an Apprenticeship?

It is a genuine job, with training, meaning you can earn while you learn and gain a nationally recognised qualification.

The Big Table Group's Apprenticeships are perfect programmes that will help young adults grow, personally and professionally. Within one of our restaurants, young adults will develop all the necessary skills, knowledge and behaviours to thrive within the hospitality industry.

Our Level 2 apprenticeships could be an amazing opportunity for any young adult to continue to learn and develop, whilst starting a future career on a strong foot. With the right drive, passion and attitude, an apprenticeship with The Big Table Group could lead to great opportunities with us and beyond.

Success Stories

Leanna Appleton

"Big Table Group are really good at supporting me, and allowing me the flexibility to get the apprenticeship work done. I enjoyed the learning, and the progression. No greater way to learn."

Jack Carter-Bloor

Jack joined the company in 2016, and with a combination of his own attitude and drive, plus the apprenticeship, in 2018 he earned his own kitchen and became a Head Chef. "It's fun to do it, and the benefit to yourself is the qualification at the end of it."

Lauren Bone

"The marketing apprenticeship is a fun way of learning new skills and expanding on those I already had. I’m enjoying being creative with my work and the sense of accomplishment when I complete tasks. It’s also a nice way of being sociable with the other people on the course who I wouldn’t usually get to work with!"

Biagio Cicirelli

"I started the course HR level 3 during the lockdown; it helped me connect to the world and mostly helped me think differently and identify methodology and challenges from different perspectives. My development coach is a great teacher and a big support in helping me grow daily."

Terms of Apprenticeship

In order to meet the eligibility criteria for our apprenticeship positions, applicants must:

Be a citizen of the UK or European Economic Area (EEA), or have lived in the UK or EEA for the past 3 consecutive years.

Not already be in full time education at the point of enrolment.

Not already hold a higher education qualification in hospitality.

Only our restaurants in the UK are eligible for apprenticeship programmes. Restaurants in Jersey are not able to offer apprenticeship positions.

For more information on Apprenticeships with The Big Table Group, get in touch today!