Bella Italia

Bella Italia has been serving great food & putting smiles on people's faces for over 25 years, and if we do say so ourselves, we're still going strong.

With a carefully crafted menu that appeals to everyone's tastes, we know our guests keep coming back for the warmth and authentic food that evokes memories of Italy.

We are a big famiglia, always trying to be the best we can be and love inviting our guests to our growing famiglia.

Our team, our guests & our brand - we love them all.

We believe that the best moments in life are those spent with loved ones, sharing food, friendship, laughter & embracing the 'joy of the Italian table.'

Eating together is a magical moment with your friends and family, you live in that moment, forgetting about day to day distractions. It's the perfect time to talk, laugh, eat (and drink!) and be together.